Cuddle Cloth - Snoppa - Ivory

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 We have developed a Cuddle cloth which satisfying many demands! 

The Cuddle cloth Snoppa is perfect! 

Two layers of diaper cloths are sewn onto the dress, so you

can quickly use it to wrap away drool or likewise.

Two soft ears are sewn to the top, which the baby can bite on to.

Finally it comes with a strap where you can attach the pacifier

so you always know where it is. 


Our Key issues

Our soft materials and natural colours are wisely chosen and our great passion for textiles of high quality is one of our favourite causes . 

Every small thread in our products is carefully considered in order to make the most delicious and healthy products to you, your baby and your home.  

Protect your baby against dangerous chemicals 

Our children's health is of great importance for us. Babys do not only observe the world - they are curious and they want to touch and bite in everything. They are therefore more exposed to those chemicals which a lot of products are produced by nowadays. You can protect yourself and your baby in the best possible way when choosing products which are ecological and free for chemicals.

Support social responsibility 

All of our products are produced on GOTS certified factories, which ensure good working conditions for all employees. This involves off course all factories we are cooperating with. The whole process in our production is ecological - from the very beginning when the first seed is planted on the cotton fields to where it will end up in your hands.  

Our 3 fundamental values :

Safe environment 

At Saga Copenhagen we take pride in creating a safe environment for our children in order to give them the best start in life. We are doing this with our high quality products, gentle colour scheme, soft materials all combined in a minimalistic design. 


Environmentally conscious 

At Saga Copenhagen, we strive to be as ecological and environmentally aware as possible. It's about our children and their future, but it's also about taking responsibility and making a difference to the world we leave for our children.

For this reason, it has been important for us to become GOTS-certified from the very beginning.

Spread the word 

With our message of sustainability and our products produced in the same spirit, we hope to be able to help you and many others making a difference to your family, to the world, and to generations to come. 


Product Description: 

Colour: Ivory

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Filling: 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester -

OCS Made with 85% Organically Grown Material.

Size: 46 x 46 cm.

Certification: OCS Blended Certified by CU 1001165 

Care instructions: 40°C machine wash. 

Designed in Denmark | Made in India