Bidering - Elefant - Milky Green

149,00 kr

This soft Teething ring in Organic knit is a fantastic piece of sensory toys for the little ones, and it's perfectly fits to small baby-hands. The teething ring can also hang in the pram or over the changing station. A nice gift idea for the newborn baby. All of our teething rings comply with CE-standards. 

  • Produktbeskrivelse
  • Farve: Light Grey, Milky Green
  • Materiale: 100% Økologisk Bomuld, Bøgetræs Ring
  • Fyld: 100% Genbrugs polyester -
  • OCS Made with 62% Organically Grown Material
  • Størrelse: 12 x 12 cm.
  • Certification: OCS - Certified by CU 1001165 - CE
  • Vaskeanvisning: Håndvask.
Designed in Denmark | Made in India